Replacing an Existing Kitchen Window with a Garden Window

Not unlike bay windows or casement windows, kitchen garden window is typically installed when natural sunlight is wanted. These vinyl windows make a great addition to your kitchen and offer more light, space, and great ventilation inside the kitchen. They are beautiful, unique, and practical architectural choices for your kitchen and living room. In this piece, we’ll explain what they are, why they are such a popular type of window style, and help you how to choose the right garden windows for your space.

Beautiful kitchen garden windows for your home

What is a kitchen garden window?

 A typical garden window is a box-shaped window that extends outward from the side of your home, especially above the kitchen sink, creating a small greenhouse-like structure in your home. A garden window is made of three glass sides and a glass roof. The greenhouse-like effect of this kitchen garden window allows enough sunlight to enter the space, making it perfect for an indoor herb garden—thus the name “garden windows.”

style of garden window

Garden window prices

 Garden window prices range from around $2,000 to $3,000+ for a standard size, but this cost varies depending on brand, frame materials, and energy-efficient glass type. The labor cost associated with installing a garden window is well worth the investment.

Advantages and disadvantages of garden windows for the kitchen

 Garden windows for kitchen are sure to enhance your home, but it’s important to know their drawbacks as well.

Advantages of garden kitchen windows

1. Indoor kitchen garden

In your house, if you have a green thumb, a kitchen garden window is a perfect place for it. This kind of window will allow you to cultivate small gardens in your kitchen where you can grow vegetables or herbs.

2. Increased Natural Light

Every garden window brings in a beautiful amount of natural light to your home. But garden windows in kitchen do so better than nearly any other type of window. Because garden windows for kitchen allow the natural sunshine inside. This can help you decrease your dependence on artificial lighting during the day, and this will also lower your electric bills.

3. Increased ventilation in the house

When properly installed, a garden window kitchen can increase ventilation. Their side panels can open to allow natural air circulation on both sides. They provide a great source of ventilation.

4. Increased Home Value

Garden windows bring a unique touch to your home that can significantly bump its curb appeal and selling value. If you plan to sell your house in the future, installing a kitchen garden window Home Depot can enhance your curb appeal and increase your home’s resale value.

indoor kitchen garden window

Disadvantages of modern kitchen garden windows

1. Limited installation space

Unfortunately, kitchen garden windows over sink can protrude from the surface of the wall, so you can’t install a garden window just anywhere. You can install it in a spot where it’s not obstructing a walkway or path around your home.

2. Greater Initial Cost

Garden window frame materials matter, and vinyl garden window or aluminum garden window options might affect the window price. Garden windows require a very specific build, but they also require more material. But that is useful in the future—especially if your garden window reduces your utility bills and you grow your own herbs—but your upfront costs will be higher.

3. Higher Risk of Trapped Moisture

The garden windows provide an ideal environment for plants, but they can also cause many issues. These include Increased indoor humidity and condensation, which results in causes of mold growth—that can lead to structural damage to your house. You can face moisture problems with these Garden windows.

plants for kitchen garden window

Are garden windows right for your home? 

When you install a garden window in kitchen, you will have many benefits like natural light, expansive views, and even an indoor home garden. You should install a kitchen garden window over sink in that region. It’s important to choose cost-effective and energy-efficient glass materials for your home. Plus, consider the best plants for kitchen garden windows to make the most of your indoor garden oasis.

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