Lincoln Tech Tuition: how much is tuition at Lincoln tech

The tuition costs at Lincoln Tech vary depending on the chosen program and campus location. On average, students can expect tuition fees around $33,000, but this can differ widely. For instance, Rhode Island residents may pay $16,713 annually, while Mahwah students could face an average cost of $26,019​1​. These figures represent a substantial investment in your future as a skilled professional.

Investing in a Future with Lincoln Tech

The tuition cost at Lincoln Tech varies significantly by program and campus location. The average cost across programs hovers around $33,000, but individual programs may differ. For example, residents of Rhode Island might pay $16,713 annually, while the cost at the Mahwah campus averages at $26,019​1​. This financial commitment is an investment in your future as a skilled professional.

Breakdown of Costs for Popular Programs

When inquiring how much is Lincoln Tech tuition? It’s essential to recognize that costs can vary significantly. Each program, including the sought-after Lincoln Tech cost for welding or the Lincoln Tech cost for electrician, has a unique price tag.

Automotive Mechanics Technology / Technician: The tuition fee for this program at the Philadelphia campus is approximately $29,860, with an average program completion time of 13 months. Additional costs for books and supplies can range from $1,620 to $2,316​1​.
Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training: At Lincoln Technical Institute-Lincoln, the tuition for this in-demand program is $28,973, and living costs for off-campus students are estimated at $35,932​2​.
Electrician Program: For those interested in this field, Lincoln Technical Institute-Union lists its tuition at $26,897, with off-campus living costs around $42,939​3​.

Enhancing Affordability Through Financial Aid

Lincoln Tech’s financial aid programs play a crucial role in making education accessible. Students are encouraged to seek out scholarships, grants, and loan options that can significantly reduce the net cost of their education.

Financial Aid: Easing the Burden

Understanding that education is an investment, Lincoln Tech offers a variety of financial aid options. Scholarships and grants are available to students, which can significantly reduce the net price of education. For example, students at Lincoln Technical Institute-Lincoln can expect to pay $28,973 for the Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training program, with the potential to offset some costs through financial aid​2​.

Certificate Programs and Vocational Training

Lincoln Technical Institute-Philadelphia offers a snapshot of Lincoln Tech’s commitment to vocational education, with two vocational programs that stand out in terms of costs and outcomes. With an average earning of $43,500 ten years after graduation, the value of these programs is evident. Specifically, the institute has highlighted the Automobile / Automotive Mechanics Technology / Technician program, which has a $29,860 tuition fee and an average completion time of 13 months.

Lincoln Tech Philadelphia: A Closer Look

Lincoln Technical Institute-Philadelphia, while not offering on-campus housing, provides valuable student services such as academic/career counseling and employment services to support students’ professional growth.

Detailed Costs for Specific Programs

For a more detailed look, the most extensive program at Lincoln Technical Institute-Philadelphia, the Automobile / Automotive Mechanics Technology / Technician, requires $1,909 for books and supplies and has an average completion time of 13 months. The total cost of attendance for a student living off-campus, including tuition, books, supplies, room and board, and other living expenses, amounts to $73,265.

Lincoln Tech Tuition

Financial Aid Programs: Easing the Burden

Financial aid remains a cornerstone of Lincoln Tech’s approach, making the Lincoln Tech tuition costs more manageable. Students are encouraged to explore various financial aid options, scholarships, and grants that can significantly reduce the net price of their education.

Investing in a Future with Lincoln Tech

Whether you’re considering the Lincoln Tech practical nursing tuition or the Lincoln Tech housing cost, the investment is substantial. With the Lincoln Tech cost for welding or Lincoln Tech NJ tuition, students invest not just in their education but in their future careers.

Lincoln Tech Philadelphia: A Closer Look

Lincoln Technical Institute-Philadelphia does not offer on-campus housing but provides several student services, including academic/career counseling and employment services.


Investigating the Lincoln Tech tuition—whether it’s for the welding program, the electrician training, or the practical nursing course—is the first step toward embarking on a path to a rewarding technical career. With campuses like Lincoln Tech Nashville and diverse programs, Lincoln Tech’s offerings are as varied as the students they serve.

To prospective students: this guide serves as a detailed overview of what you can expect in terms of financial investment when you choose Lincoln Tech for your vocational education. Our commitment is to not only provide you with the skills needed for your future career but also to ensure you are fully informed about the costs and support available to you as you take this important step forward.

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