Modern organic kitchen design is all about convenience and taking a stylish yet minimal approach when it comes to elegance. Despite the transition from traditional unplanned kitchen spaces to modern organic kitchen designs, organization remains a key issue. If your kitchen gets messy, then it will spoil the functionality of the whole area.

When it comes to designs, similar to other natural-themed methods, organic kitchen designs are often characterized by a combination of beautiful nature-inspired elements and modern style. With these components in your room, it creates a welcoming and comfortable space that feels like you’re living outdoors, even when you’re literally inside your home.

Modern organic kitchen designs
Modern organic kitchen designs

Modern Kitchen Design Plan

1. Install a Small Appliance Cabinet

Small appliances like toasters, toaster ovens, and coffee makers all take up precious countertop space when you’re not using them. This can make your modern organic kitchen feel cluttered and small. One solution is to install a small custom appliance cabinet. These allow you to keep small appliances plugged in and ready for use while hiding them when you’re not actively using them.

2. Embrace Natural Materials

 The key to an organic modern kitchen is obviously the use of natural materials. From countertops to floors, you can incorporate elements like wood, stone, and concrete that can create a warm and practical vibe. Use sustainably sourced materials for your modern kitchen that align with eco-friendly principles, like you can use wood for cabinets or countertops, etc., or anything rustic yet modern feel. Some hacks you can use for your modern organic kitchen designs are: 

3. Open Shelving 

For organic modern kitchens, open shelving is a popular design trend. It allows you to expose your unique collection of natural dishes, accessories, and glassware. Another easy tip when you are installing open shelving in your kitchen is to try out simple and clean-lined shelves made from natural materials such as wood or metal to enhance the organic modern aesthetic.

 Open Shelving 
Open Shelving 

4. Add Drawers Underneath Your Cabinets

In your kitchen design plan, you can include custom-sized cabinets with drawers underneath so that you get as much storage space as possible. These extra drawers will give you much more storage in your kitchen without taking up any additional space. It’s just one example of the kind of value that you can get from bringing custom cabinetry into your kitchen. Working with professional cabinet designers can help you get as much out of the space you have as possible.

5. Mix Textures and Patterns

 The mixing of textures and patterns will add depth and visual interest to your modern kitchen while maintaining a cohesive and balanced look. You can incorporate textured tiles for your backsplash or patterned tiles for the kitchen floor. What you can do is mix different textures for a more elegant look, like smooth countertops with a rough-textured backsplash or a matte-colored cabinet with a glossy-touched floor. This will create a sense of contrast and visual intrigue in your organic modern kitchen.

6. Hang Pots and Pans From the Ceiling

You can’t do much in a kitchen without pots and pans to cook with. But these can be frustratingly challenging to store. One solution is to install hooks that will help you to hang your pots and pans from the ceiling. This can open up a ton of additional room in your cabinets and kitchen by creating a new storage area out of space that you weren’t doing anything with. Adding the hooks, you need to do this is a fairly simple and affordable task.

Hang Pots and Pans From the Ceiling
Hang Pots and Pans From the Ceiling


Smart segmentation

Your modern organic kitchen is full of different items like numerous spice containers and utensils, other accessories, cutlery, food processors, and many more. Now, you have to create a separate nook for everything. Do not stash things together in cabinets; otherwise, things will tumble down when you pull out one. You must have separate drawers, cabinets, shelves, and racks, each meant for storing specific items.

Keep essential items near you

 As you work daily in the kitchen, you know which items you need on a daily basis, and that includes utensils, accessories, spices, every single thing. Don’t put away stuff in a mix because it creates organizational issues. The pots and pans that are for regular use could be hung from racks instead of getting stowed away in the cabinets.

Expand Your Storage Space with Shelf Inserts 

Finally, you don’t necessarily have to install new cabinets to get more storage space. Instead, consider splitting up your existing cabinets with a few simple shelf inserts. With shelf inserts, you can get more value out of each cabinet that you already have. For example, instead of only having one shelf to store plates, bowls, and dishes, you can have two or more. That gives you the extra space you need without forcing you to pay for expensive renovations to get it.

Expand Your Storage Space with Shelf Inserts 
Expand Your Storage Space with Shelf Inserts 

Label and color-code 

 Labeling is an easy and good idea that is applied to organize your containers, jars, and other utensils. When you put a label on everything and arrange them, you can easily track things down, even if you are in a big hurry. Soon, you will find that your modern organic kitchen is so well organized that you have no trouble finding it.

Modern Dining Tables and Kitchen Island

 In the adjacent dining room, you can extend the organic modern style by choosing modern dining tables made from materials like white oak or natural stone. These tables complement your modern organic kitchen seamlessly, creating a cohesive design that flows from one space to another. Additionally, consider a stylish kitchen island that serves both as a functional workspace and a statement piece in your kitchen design plan.

Modern Dining Tables and Kitchen Island
Modern Dining Tables and Kitchen Island

Vent Hood and Counter Stools

To maintain the clean lines and aesthetics of your organic modern kitchen, invest in a sleek vent hood made from stainless steel. It not only keeps your kitchen air fresh but also adds a contemporary touch. For the dining table, choose comfortable and stylish counter stools that enhance the overall look and feel of your space.


In conclusion, designing an organic modern kitchen involves creating a balance between nature-inspired elements and contemporary style. Whether you’re starting from a new kitchen or renovating your existing kitchen, these tips will help you achieve an organic modern kitchen that is visually elegant, appealing, and functional for your everyday needs.

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